18011 Crankshaft full rear

The Importance of Core Returns

Core returns play a critical role in the cost savings, parts availability, and environmental sustainability, and manufacturing sustainability of the automotive industry.

Cost Savings: The return and remanufactured part is more cost effective than sourcing of materials and manufacturing of parts from scratch. By purchasing parts with remanufactured cores and returning a good quality core you make it cheaper for you and future consumers.

Environmental Sustainability: Reusing cores helps reduce waste and promotes sustainability by minimizing the consumption of raw materials and energy needed for manufacturing new parts.

Shortened Lead Times: Returning cores can speed up the manufacturing process. Rather than waiting for new parts to be manufactured, a manufacturer can refurbish or remanufacture the existing cores, reducing lead times and ensuring faster delivery to customers. That means less down time for your customer or project.

Preventing Future Scarcity: Returning your core helps to slow the gradual declining stock of parts after new manufacturing slows or stops. Your participation now could help you and future vehicle owners and enthusiasts.

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